Guest House “SUM”

Bed in 6-8-Bed Male Dorm with Shared Bathroom

· Room Facilities: Private lockers, reading lamp, power outlet, 1 towel/person
· Bath Facilities: Shampoo, conditioner, body wash, soap, foam cleanser, toothpaste
· Air Conditioning: Air conditioner, floor heating, private electric blanket
· Room No.: 301, 311

A female dormitory room in a bright orange hues on the second floor. The beds are taken in order of first come first serve, so you just need to select your bed as you come in. Free WiFi is available in all rooms and each bed has its own private locker, power outlet and reading lamp. Bath facilities and a powder room are shared with 4 other guests on the same space.

Free breakfast is available as a self-served toast with juice, coffee, milk or tea at the shared lounge. There will be a Cii-mak (chicken-beer) party every night as well. All guests from ‘SUM’ and ‘Mint’ are invited, and the menu depends on the preferences of the guests that day. The cost is 20,000 won per person (beverages included).

• Discount for staying longer than 2 days: A 2,000 KRW discount starting on the second day and for each day from then on. You will receive a cash refund at the front desk.