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Travel Tips & Transportation

Find your way around Jeju Island and look out for points of interest in your vicinity!

Taxi & Taxi Tour

Taxis are comfortable and especially handy if you want to go places not accessible by buses.
They can usually be hailed on the street (except in restricted areas) or summoned by phone.
Basically, all taxis are metered (distance-based), but almost every region on the island has budget taxi service companies.

  • 1. Standard Taxi and Jumbo Taxi (metered)

    Cabs in Jeju are distance-based (metered). At the airport there are 2 taxi stands across from Gate 3; one is for Jeju City (Sehwa, Jocheon, Hamdeok, Aewol, Hallim, Hyeopjae and Gosan), and the other is for Seogwipo City (Seongsan, Pyoseon, Namwon, Seogwipo, Jungmun, Andeok and Daejeong). The base rate for standard taxis starts at 2,800 won (2.5 USD) for the first 2km, then a surcharge depending on the distance travelled. Six to ten-passenger Jumbo taxis are also available for larger groups. They are also distance-based and the base rate starts at 3,500 won (3.11 USD) for the first 2km. If you are an eco-friendly traveler, EV taxis are a good choice as well. To get a rough idea of the final fare, check with the driver on the charges and ask for a receipt at the end of the trip.

    Taxi fare
    Type EV taxi Standard taxi Jumbo taxi
    Fares Base rate 2,200 won / 2km 2,800 won / 2km 3,800 won / 2km
    Surcharge 100 won / 170m, 40 sec. 100 won / 144m, 35 sec. 200 won / 150m, 36 min.
    Extra charge for midnight A surcharge of 20% (24:00 ~ 04:00)
  • 2. Jeju Global Taxi

    Jeju Global Taxi Service is approved by Jeju Special Self-Governing Province and provides foreign language services (English, Chinese and Japanese) by taxi drivers.

    Contact number & taxi fare
    Classification Fares
    Standard Taxi Jumbo Taxi
    1 day tour (booking) 8 hours 150,000 won 200,000 won
    Extra (per hour) 20,000 won 30,000 won
  • 3. One-day taxi tour service

    Name of Service Contact Name of Service Contact
    JejuPrivate Taxi Association 82-64-717-4926 New Jeju Tourist 82-64-711-1960
    Jeju Smile Tourist 82-10-3691-5913 Smart Tourist 82-64-725-3656
    Jeju Jumbo Taxi (large taxi) 82-64-722-0030 Large 9-seater Private Taxi (Hi-Limousine) 82-64-723-8855, 82-64-713-3527
  • 4. Budget Taxi (flat fare by region)

    If you want to go to other parts of Jeju Island further than 30 minutes by taxi, a budget taxi is more cost-effective. Unlike other cities in Korea, every region on Jeju Island has budget taxi companies that charge a flat fare based on region (e.g. if you go to Jungmun Tourist Complex from Jeju Int'l Airport, you will be charged 20,000 won with a budget taxi, compared to 30,000 won with a metered taxi.)

    ※ Note : Most budget taxi companies only offer services in Korean, so call the Korea Travel Hotline
    (+82-2-1330) or Dasan Call Center (+82-2-120) for assistance in English.
    Budget taxi service companies by region
    Region Name of Service Contact No.
    Jeju City Jeju Personal Brand Budget Taxi (제주개인브랜드콜) 064-727-1111
    Jeju Love Budget Taxi (제주사랑호출택시) 064-726-1000
    VIP Budget Taxi (VIP콜택시) 064-711-6666
    Personal GPS Budget Taxi (개인위성콜택시) 064-711-8282
    Samhwa Budget Taxi (삼화콜택시) 064-756-9090
    Namyang Budget Taxi (남양콜택시) 064-743-3033
    Bonggae Budget Taxi (봉개콜택시) 064-723-3999
    Pyeonghwaro Budget Taxi (평화로콜택시) 064-747-1011
    Hallasan Budget Taxi (한라산호출택시) 064-755-1950
    5.16 Budget Taxi (5.16콜택시) 064-751-6516
    Jeju Ktourism Budget Taxi (제주K관광콜택시) 064-721-2570
    Northeast Udo Island Udo Budget Taxi (우도콜택시) 064-725-7788~9
    Jocheon-eup Gyorae-Beonyoungro Budget Taxi (교래번영로콜택시) 064-727-0082
    Jocheon Manse Budget Taxi (조천만세콜택시) 064-784-7477
    Jocheon-Hamdok Budget Taxi (조천/함덕콜택시) 064-784-8288
    Gujwa-eup Manjang Budget Taxi (만장콜택시) 064-784-5500
    Gimnyeong Budget Taxi (김녕콜택시) 064-784-9910
    Gujwa Budget Taxi (구좌콜개인택시) 064-783-4994
    Northwest Aewol-eup Aewol-Hagwi Budget Taxi (애월하귀연합콜택시) 064-799-5003
    Aewol Budget Taxi (애월콜택시) 064-799-9007
    Hallim-eup Hallim Western Budget Taxi (한림서부콜택시) 064-796-9595
    Hansupul Budget Taxi (한수풀콜택시) 064-796-9191
    Hallim Budget Taxi (한림호출개인택시) 064-796-8020
    Hangyeong-myeon Hangyeong Budget Taxi (한경개인택시) 064-772-1818
    Seogwipo City Seowipo Brand Budget Taxi (서귀포브랜드콜택시) 064-762-4244
    OK Budget Taxi (OK콜택시) 064-732-0082
    Jungmun Budget Taxi (중문호출개인택시) 064-738-1700
    Seowipo Budget Taxi (서귀포콜택시) 064-762-0100
    Seowipo Insung Budget Taxi (서귀포인성호출택시) 064-732-6199
    Jungmun Cheonjeyeon Budget Taxi (중문천제연) 064-738-5880
    Southeast Namwon-eup Namwon 24 Budget Taxi (남원개인 24시) 064-764-3535
    Namwon Budget Taxi (남원콜택시) 064-764-9191
    Pyoseon-myeon Pyoseon 24 Budget Taxi (표선24시콜택시) 064-787-3787
    Pyoseon Budget Taxi (표선호출개인택시) 064-787-2420
    Seongsan-eup Dongseong Budget Taxi (동성콜택시) 064-782-8200
    Seongsan World Budget Taxi (성산월드호출택시) 064-784-0500
    Seongsanpo Budget Taxi (성산포호출개인택시) 064-784-3030
    Southeast Andeok-myeon Ieodo Budget Taxi (이어도콜택시) 064-748-0067
    Andeok Budget Taxi (안덕개인콜택시) 064-794-1400
    Daejeong-eup Moseulpo Budget Taxi (모슬포호출개인택시) 064-794-0707
    Daean Budget Taxi (대안콜택시) 064-794-8400
    * You'd better check with the driver on the charges in advance when using a budget taxi.
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