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Where to Stay

Gotta get a comfy night's sleep before you take on that hike tomorrow!

“Haebadam” Guest House

Room Views
From the Host

Wimi-ri, where the guest house is located, is a rural village preserving the classical look of traditional Jeju. This is where the first mandarins were harvested on the Island, and the flavor is superior to other places on Jeju, thanks to the nice weather. The only famous attraction nearby is ‘Soesokkak Estuary’, however, walking only 3 minutes down to the sea side, you will find a famous movie set ‘Café de Seoyeon' from 'Architecture 101’, where you’re able to spend a peaceful afternoon looking out over the ocean through a window wall. And it’s close to ‘Gongcheonpo Black Sand Beach’ that isn't busy, even in the crowded peak season. Along with 5th course of Jeju Olle, walk down to Gongchenpo Black Sand Beach to enjoy the view of the Jeju coast. You can mingle with Jeju’s rural community early in the morning by taking a walk down to village olle nearby Haebadam.


A warm-hearted Jeju mom! Free mandarin picking is a bonus!

The end of November, the season for mandarins, comes with a chilled breeze. Going through the gate of a red building located on the right side of the guest house, you will be greeted by a warm host with mandarin yoghurt. This is Haebadam’s special welcome drink made every morning by the host herself. The red building is used as a shared café where the guests enjoy their breakfast, swap travel information and hold small parties as well. At the corner of the café, there’s a fridge, an iron pot, and cooking utensils to prepare guest’s breakfast, and of course, mandarins on the table.

Haebadam never runs out of mandarins in winter, while in the off season until May, they are replaced with hallabong (Depokon in English). The host owns the 1ha mandarin and hallabong farms, so every guest will be offered complimentary mandarin picking, whereas there is a charge for other non-lodge visitors.

 The ‘Haebadam Guest House' building is a traditional Jeju stonewall house more than 60 years old, and the house itself is energized by the very stones it is built with. Gravel in Jeju’s earth gives vitality to the soil, and helps the crops grow well by absorbing the heat of the sun’s rays and protecting the soil from strong winds, which interrupts vaporization. For the same reason, the stonewall houses of Jeju give off an energy and vitality. Sleeping in the stonewall house will keep you from getting a cold even in the winter, and will get you feel refreshed in the morning.
 On top of this long-history-stonewall house, you will find a hearty and generous Jeju mom who has been a Jeju native for 30 years since her marriage. Whoever has been to ‘Haebadam’ raves over the excellent breakfast cooked by the host. Curry rice, which is made out of organic ingredients from the family garden, is provided for the guests staying only a night, but in the case of staying more than a night, different kinds of traditional Jeju foods will be offered every morning. As a matter of fact, a group of guests who visit here regularly ask for specific dishes for their breakfast before the morning's fishing.

“Can we get ‘Hairtail Pumpkin Soup'? What about ‘Sea Urchin Seaweed Soup?’”
 “Sure, no problem."

 As it’s not a restaurant, the menu for breakfast won’t be the same all the time. The ingredients out of season won’t be brought to your table even if you ask for them. When the sea urchin is in season, sea urchin will be served, when seaweed is in season, seaweed will be served as well. When the Women’s Association of the village makes hand-made pork cutlet for social welfare, pork cutlet will be served. Like this, the menu is changeable depending on the season, but its freshness and flavor are as great as any good restaurant in town.

 While the host is not yet very good at English or Chinese, she is studying very hard in order to tell foreign tourists about the culture, history, geology, and so on of Jeju Island. She’s also active as a guide for ‘Mulyeongari Oreum Wetlands’ that is registered by ‘Ramsar Wetlands’.

 * If you want to make a room reservation with a specific breakfast, leave a comment on the website ‘' in the process of booking. Our customer service team will contact ‘Haebadam’ to ask for your special request once the menu is available.



   Breakfast Service (free of charge)


  · Menu: Hearty Korean meal (Grilled Sea Bream, Boiled Beef, 7~8 kinds of side dishes, green salad, etc. randomly served)
  · Service Hours: As the guest desires




   Free mandarin picking (in winter)


The host owns the 1ha mandarin and hallabong farms, so every guest will be offered complimentary mandarin picking, whereas there is a charge for other non-lodge visitors.




   Free welcome drink & simple guest party


1. Free welcome drink (mandarin yogurt): Haebadam’s special welcome drink made every morning by the host herself.

2. Simple guest partyThere are no official parties, but if the guests agree, they can enjoy their own small party with a beer in the shared lounge. The cost is "Dutch treat".



Room Type

    • Room TypeBed in 6-Bed Male Dorm with Private Bathroom
    • Max Adults6
    • Bed Type3 bunk beds
    • Price$19 per person (Includes VAT)
    Request to Book
    • Room TypeBed in 10-Bed Female Dorm with Private Bathroom
    • Max Adults10
    • Bed Type5 bunk beds
    • Price$19 per person (Includes VAT)
    Request to Book
    • Room TypeDouble Room with Private Bathroom
    • Max Adults2
    • Bed Type2 single mattresses
    • Price$46 per room (Includes VAT)
    Request to Book
  • Check In: As the guest desires / Check Out: As the guest desires
  • No. of Rooms: 3
  • Languages Spoken: English, Chinese
  • From the Airport: 44.2 km (57-min drive), about 33,800 won with a metered taxi.
  • Free Wifi Non-Smoking Rooms Free Breakfast Free Parking
Good to Know
· Breakfast & Activities: Free breakfast, free mandarin picking (in winter), simple guest party (no regular program, Dutch treat)
· Bathroom: Each room has a private bath and shower room. Free toiletries
· Communal Areas: Shared lounge
· Childen: 6 years and older are allowed.
· Pets are not allowed.
· Laundry Service: Guest-use laundry facilities (free)
· Opened: April, 2014
· All room rates include breakfast and taxes.
How to get here from Jeju International Airport · By Bus
Take bus No. 131 (express) at bus stop 1 & stop at "Namwon Transit Center" station (11 stops, 59 min.) → transfer to bus No. 231, 232 or 510 & stop at "Wimi Elementary School" station (17 stops, 15 min.) → walk for about 7 min. (415m)

· By Taxi
Make a call to one of budget taxis from Namwon-eup area (064-764-3535). A budget taxi is more cost-effective, since it will charge you a flat fare based on region.

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