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Gotta get a comfy night's sleep before you take on that hike tomorrow!

Ms. Chu's Small Cottage

Room Views
From the Host

Just as the name describes, Chu’s Small Cottage is my own home and a guest house at the same time. I hope the guests feel as if they are at home while staying here. The first criteria for getting a house here was the house had to have a garden. That’s why I like this house so much. All the veggies used in salads and breakfasts are grown here organically, so you don’t have to worry a bit about them.


Discover something new, begin at Farmer Chu’s place!

If you are looking for somewhere that provides the excitement of discovering something new, Chu’s Small Cottage is just the place! Getting off the bus and walking past traditional Jeju stone wall houses, you might be thinking, ‘I am pretty sure this is the address…’, but you won’t see any signs. If you’ve looked at the picture prior to your visit however, you won’t have to worry about finding Chu’s Small Cottage. There are around 7 or 8 other guesthouses in this area, which is famous for its beautiful ocean color, but the only place with Jeongnang, a traditional wooden or stone gate found on Jeju Island, is Chu’s Small Cottage. The entrance to Chu’s Small Cottage is bigger than the traditional Jeongnang, as the host has since installed a more modern one, while still maintaining the traditional aspects of the original. Jeongnang are wooden pillars on the front gateway of Jeju’s stone wall houses that allow others to know whether or not the owner of the house is in. If the owner is at home, two or three wooden pillars are present, and if the owner is out, all of the pillars are present. If the owner left for somewhere close to the house, Jeongnang is halfway open.

The first thing you will notice once you are in the Small Cottage is the white painted dining room and the guestrooms located on the right corner. Unlike the other guesthouses with various murals, Chu’s Small Cottage is much calmer. There are 4 guest rooms, so if you are a group of 4 or 5, you could rent the whole entire house. Think of how wonderful it would be to have a place in front of the beautiful Hyeopjae Beach all to yourself!

Once you meet the hostess, you will notice her personal style present throughout the house once. Single and at age of 32, she came to Jeju from Daegu to farm, despite her parents’ opposition. “I’ve always wanted to farm since I was young, and in Jeju Island, you could raise two or even three crops a year, unlike other places. Although I’m still new at this, I want to eventually expand from raising beans and try different things. I got this house for myself to live in, but there are too many rooms for me to use alone, so I decorated them as guestrooms”, she laughed.

With small basalt in the foreground of the front yard, a small garden at the back of the house and a hammock on the tree will only add onto your relaxation after a calming walk on the beach.




    Breakfast Service (pay service)


  · Menu: Optional (5000 KRW) / bread, fruits, and beverages (brewed coffee, juice or milk)
  · Service Hours: 09:00~10:00  




    Shared Lounge & Open Kitchen


This is a place where the guests can share their travel tips and information as well as eat free breakfast.
The open kitchen is equipped with a microwave, a rice cooker, a hot plate, a toaster, a fridge and cooking utensils. Washing machine is also equipped for the guests' use.     ​



Room Type

    • Room TypeRental of the whole house
    • Max Adults4
    • Bed Type2 Single+1 Double
    • Price$120 per room (Includes VAT)
    Request to Book
    • Room TypeSingle Room with Shared Bathroom
    • Max Adults1
    • Bed TypeSingle bed
    • Price$37 per room (Includes VAT)
    Request to Book
    • Room TypeSingle Room with Shared Bathroom
    • Max Adults1
    • Bed TypeSingle bed
    • Price$37 per room (Includes VAT)
    Request to Book
    • Room TypeTwin Room with Shared Bathroom
    • Max Adults2
    • Bed Type2 Single beds
    • Price$56 per room (Includes VAT)
    Request to Book
  • Check In: Earliest 16:00 / Check Out: Latest 10:30AM (Baggage Storage)
  • No. of Rooms: 3
  • Languages Spoken: English
  • From the Airport: 34.4 km (45-min drive), about 26,300 KRW with a metered taxi.
  • Free Wifi Non-Smoking Rooms Free Breakfast Free Parking
Good to Know
· Breakfast: Optional (5000 KRW, bread & beverage)
· Bathroom: Shared bathroom, free toiletries
· Communal Areas: Shared lounge
· Childen & pets are not allowed.
· Laundry Service: Guest-use laundry facilities (free of charge, detergent included)
· Opened: July, 2014
· All room rates include taxes.
How to get here from Jeju International Airport · By Bus
Take bus No. 102 (express) at bus stop 4 & stop at "Hallim Transit Center" station (6 stops, 47 min.) → transfer to bus No. 202 & stop at "Geumneung Stone Museum" station (11 stops, 13 min.) → walk for about 5 min. (341m)

· By Taxi
Make a call to one of budget taxis from Hallim-eup area (064-796-9595). A budget taxi is more cost-effective, since it will charge you a flat fare based on region.

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