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Gotta get a comfy night's sleep before you take on that hike tomorrow!

Teomuni House (Private Rental House)

Room Views
From the Host

I hope that all our guests, and anyone else visiting Jeju Island, can feel and experience the culture of Jeju. The reason I came back to Jeju from Seoul, and renovated the old house where my parents used to live into a ‘Healing House’, was to allow guests to get a real feel for Jeju during their stay, not only just looking, but walking, touching, and tasting. Following the meaning of the house, ‘Paint the Land with Your Own Color’, please paint this House with yours.


Enjoy free mandarin picking in a wide open field

It is hard to imagine a guest house where the bathroom is the most elaborate room in the house, but at Teomuni House, that is exactly what you will find. Not even in a 5-star hotel would you encounter such a unique space, where the walls and textured ceiling reflect the purity of fresh white snow.

 Teomuni House is located in the center of Sangye-dong nearby Jungmun Tourist Complex, and it accommodates only one group, consisting of 4 to 6 people. While its capacity is theoretically only 4, it’s quite spacious and easily allows for 6 people. On top of that, you are able to prepare your own meals in the kitchenette.

 The path along with the entrance is also worth noting. At 70 metres long, it leads from the main road of Village Olle of Jeju right to Teomuni House courtyard. You may already know that ‘Jeju Olle’ is a famous tracking course on Jeju Island, and the term, ‘Olle’, stands for the alley between the stone walls surrounding each house. This winding path gives an authentic representation of Jeju’s villages, while its stone wall is unique, featuring the owner's vivid work, such as the Korean flag, flowers and other colorings on intermittent stones. Many guests visit here not only in the summer months of Jeju's peak season but also in the winter, owing to the eco-friendly mandarin farm belonging to the guest house.

In other places, you will be charged for picking mandarins, but here you can join the mandarin harvest for free. Half an hour's labor typically yields about 10kg of mandarins, and all you pick are yours to keep.

 In summer, you’re able to enjoy both snorkelling and fishing in ‘Nonjinmul’, where seawater and fresh water join together, and this is the only place in Jeju where this occurs. Korean travelers are yet to become acquainted with ‘Nonjinmul’, so it won’t be crowded even in the middle of a hot summer. It’s 2km away from Teomuni House, and you may ask the host to drop you off if you feel it’s too far to walk.

 Although Teomuni House is not surrounded by famous tourist attractions, it is the perfect place if you are just looking for a little peace and quiet.



   Free mandarin picking (in winter)


You can join the mandarin harvest for free, owing to the eco-friendly mandarin farm belonging to the House. Half an hour's labor typically yields about 10kg of mandarins, and all you pick are yours to keep.




   Outdoor BBQ Party (pay service)


Upon your request, the host will prepare everything for you, including different kinds of vegetables, bowls of rice, and Jeju black pork. (20,000 KRW per person / all inclusive : Jeju Black Pork Neck, Sausage, Eco-friendly Vegetables, Mushrooms, Onion, Chili, Cucumber, Kimchi, Ssamjang, Salt, Soybean Paste Stew, Rice, 2 bottles of Hallasan Soju). If you prepare your own meat, vegetables, and drinks and need only grill and charcoal, you pay only 20,000 KRW for your group.



Room Type

    • Room TypePrivate Rental House
    • Max Adults8
    • Bed Type1 queen size bunk bed
    • Price$50 per room (Includes VAT)
    Request to Book
  • Check In: 15:00 / Check Out: 11:00
  • No. of Rooms: 1
  • Languages Spoken: English
  • From the Airport: 36.9 km (47-min drive), about 29,100 won with a metered taxi.
  • Free Wifi Non-Smoking Rooms Free Breakfast Free Parking
Good to Know
· No breakfast service. Outdoor Korean BBQ Party (pay service).
· Room Amenities: A TV, a fridge, hangers, a hair dryer, hair comb, towels, etc.
· Bathroom Amenities: Private bathroom (free toiletries)
· Childen & Extra Beds : All children are welcome.
· Pets are not allowed.
· Laundry Service: Please ask the host.
· Opened: February, 2015
How to get here from Jeju International Airport · By Bus
➀ Take bus No. 182 (express) at bus stop 5 & stop at "Jungmun Transit Center" station (7 stops, 59 min.) → transfer to bus No. 531 at the bus stop on opposite side & stop at "Yearae O-Mart" station (5 stops, 8 min.) → walk for about 8 mins. (557m)
➁ Take bus No. 600 Airport Limousine & stop at "Jungmun Tourist Compex Entrance" station (7 stops, 47 min.) → transfer to bus No. 531 at the bus stop on opposite side & stop at "Yearae O-Mart" station.(3 stops, 5 min.) → walk for about 8 mins.

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