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Cancellation & refund policy
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Off & Shoulder Season

Peak Season

① Summer holiday: July 1 ~ August 31

② 2 to 3 day-weekends before or after national holidays: Independence Movement Day (March 1), Children's Day (May 5), Buddha's Birthday (May 25), Memorial Day (Jun. 6), Liberation Day (August 15), National Foundation Day (October 3), Christmas season

③ Korean National Holidays: Korean New Year's Day (January 1 in the lunar calendar), Korean Thanksgiving Day (August 15 in the lunar calendar)

In rare instance where extenuating circumstances arise, a guest may need to cancel a confirmed reservation. In this instance, Jejubnb will make a 100% refund at no cancellation fee. Such cases are as follows:

  • The guest has a serious illness or there is a serious illness or death in the family (supporting documentation required).
  • There is a natural disaster on Jeju Island.
  • Flight or ship cancellation due to bad weather, typhoon, or earthquake on Jeju Island or country of departure (supporting documentation required).

Last updated: 1 January 2019

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