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I’m Pippi Do you want to know about me?


My name’s Pippi!
I guess you are all wondering who I am and why I know so much about Jeju?

Well, I’m actually a city girl. I lived in the awesome city of Seoul for most of my life. I have always caught the travel bug though, and often grabbed my backpack and toured around Korea, as well as other countries.
One day though, while exploring the beautiful island of Jeju, I heard a little voice inside me telling me it was time to settle down…in Jeju! What? Was the island really speaking to me? I had been here many times before and thought I’d seen it all. Why would I leave the convenience and excitement of Seoul? The beauty of its nature?The relaxed, stress-free atmosphere? I am not sure what it was. But it made me take another look at this island and find out just why I felt this pull to live here.

It all started back in 2009 after another trip to Jeju and a visit to the Olle. At that time, I didn’t even know what the JejuOllewas, and thought that this might be the last time in my life I would travel to Jeju Island. Why did I choose Olle? Simple! It was the fastest-rising tourist spot on Jeju.

It was crazy! It was as if I had never even beena road trip before. Lol!
From the first day of my Olletrip, I could not stop saying “wow, incredible, gorgeous, awesome….” I thought, ‘I have been here several times. Why is this all new to me?’The islandwas totally different!

So deeply into Jeju Island, I walked all the way to Ole Street, and I went around looking for other places. It took me a couple of years, but I'll take a ride on Jeju Island with my two feet. How about 420 keys?

My first visit to Olle was course 1.
It starts at a small elementary school surrounded by the very Jejuicy stone wall houses.
After walking for about 10 minutes, I passed the first hill, and there was another hill in front of me. But no sweat! They are not too steep. The first hill gave me a stunning view, one I had never seen on Jeju, and with the second hill, I found myself alongside Jeju horses eating the grass and cows taking a nap. Well, horses are not that special on Jeju, but they were right in front of me, not at a distance. I paused for a while to absorb the peaceful landscape. Later, I found out the hills were, in the local language, called Oreum.
This was when I began to fall in love with the island. It took about 5 years for me to complete all the Olle courses, with a total of about 420 kilometers.

Well, I’m not telling you to just walk Olle Trail. The island is full many hidden gems for you to discover yourself. In addition, you can pick some short routes of each Olle Trail and have a leisurely walk as well. To be honest, I feel like I want to keep those hidden places all to myself (haha), but isn’t it better to share what makes us happy?

You know, it’s been impossible for me to visit all the cool places here. I am still somewhat a newcomer!
That is why I prepared special tips for you through ‘Pippi’s Pick’. ‘ Pippi’s Picks’ are very deliberately chosen,only after personally experiencing what the restaurants and guesthouses have to offer. Of course, some of you will have different tastes or standards in food, right?

Here are my standards…

Let me take all the hard work out of finding good places to eat and great places to stay!
All I want is for you to all enjoy this blessed island to the fullest and go back to your home with happy memories.
Welcome to Jeju and happy travels!!


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