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2019 Geomun Oreum International Trekking (Jul. 20 to Jul. 28)


A Step Deeper into the Cool Breath of a Mysterious Forest ‘Geomun Oreum’

Two hidden trekking courses open for only 9 days a year

during the ‘2019 Geomun Oreum International Trekking’ event

The deeper you wander in, the more tangible the breath of the hidden forest ‘Gotjawal’ becomes. Even in the heat of summer, a cool, gentle breeze caresses your skin. It is all thanks ‘Soomgol’, which are the wind pipes the earth breathes through, while also providing Jeju locals their pure underground water.

“Geomun Oreum”, Jeju’s representative UNESCO natural heritage site, will open its hidden trail courses, called “Lava Trail (용암길)” and “Jinmul Trail (진물길)” for only 9 days from July 20 to 28 for the “2019 Geomun Oreum International Trekking” event. Normally, only the Tae-Geuk Trail  is open to visitors and requires a reservation. But during this 9 day event, all three trails are open to the public (no reservations are accepted during this period) .  

As mentioned, during this event, you can't make a reservation in advance; but keep in mind, Geomun Oreum only allows 300 visitors per day, so you will need to be at the entry no later than 1pm to avoid disappointment. If  you miss this opportunity, you will have to wait until  next summer to experience two special trail courses.

The official title of Jeju’s UNESCO natural heritage site is “The Volcanic Island and Lava Tubes”. The Geomun Oreum lava tube stretches from Seonheul-ri to Deokcheon-ri, covering about 22.367 square kilometers. The lava caves that connect Geomeun Oreum and the coast in the lava tube system are comprised of seven lava tubes: Gimnyeonggul and Manjanggul, Bengduigul, Dangcheomulgul, Yongcheongul, Utsanjeongul, and Bukoruemgul. Currently, only parts of Manjanggul lava tube, which has the largest lava columns in the world, are open to the public.




The event will be a good chance to enjoy the unique natural beauty of Jeju Island very closely, which is based on the outstanding geologic value formed by around 360 oreums on the ground and approximately 160 lava caves under the ground.
So, come and enjoy two of three main trekking courses during the event, the Tae-Geuk trail (crater and ridgeline), Lava Trail and the Jinmul Trail.

Registration hours: Entry to the oreum is from 8:00am to 1:00pm, so you need be at the entrance until 1pm at the latest. If you register at the Geomun Oreum information center, a tour guide (Korean speaking) will lead you to the top of the oreum, which takes about 40 minutes.

There will also be plenty of active programs, including a photo exhibition, succulent pot making, natural dyeing, soap making using natural materials, making Omegi tteok (Jeju traditional food) and performances.

* Notice: Ticks are most active in the summer, so you’d better wear long pants so as not to expose your skin. It is also helpful to use repellent, which is prepared at the official’s bench.



    [Geomun Oreum Trails]
    A course: Tae-Geuk Trail
    To the top: 1.8km (1 hour), To the crater: 5.5km (2.5 hours), To the ridge: 5km (2 hours)
    Total course: 10km (3 hours)

    B course: Lava Trail 5km (2 hours)
    Information Center → Top of the Geomun Oreum → Entrance of Lava Trail

    → Bengduigul (Only the entrance) → Utbang Oreum → Daheeyeon

    C course: Jinmul Trail 6km (2.5 hours)
    Information Center → Top of the Geomun Oreum → Entrance of Lava Trail

    → Bengduigul (Only the entrance) → Heorinnae Ecopark




    2019 Geomun Oreum International Trekking  

   · When: Jul. 20 (Sat) to Jul. 28 (Sun)

   · Where: Geomunoreum (569-36, Seongyo-ro, Jocheon-eup, Jeju-si)

   · Admission: Free (during the event period)

   · Contacts: 064-750-2523

   · Registration: Register & get a visitor’s pass at the information center
   · Registration hours: 8:00 ~ 13:00 
   · Clothing: Long pants and a durable pair of sneakers or running

     shoes (hiking sticks are strictly prohibited)


    How to get here

      · From Jeju International Airport or Jeju Bus TerminalTake bus No. 111 (express) & stop at ‘Daecheon Transit Center’

        station (5 stops, 35 mins) → transfer to bus no. 810-2 (tourist shuttle bus) & stop at 'Jeju World Natural Heritege Center

        Geomun Oreum' station (1 stops, 11 mins.)

     · From Jeju Bus TerminalTake bus No. 211 or 221 & stop at ‘Geomun Oreum’ station (27 stops, 41 mins) → walk for about

       16 mins. (1.1km)

     · From Seogwipo Bus TerminalTake bus No. 101 (express) & stop at ‘Pyoseon Transit Center (Pyoseon-ri office)' station

       (5 stops, 42 min.) → walk for about 1 mins. to ‘Pyoseon Transit Center (Pyoseon-myeon office)' station & take bus No. 221 &

        stop at 'Geomun Oreum Entrance' station (24 stops, 30 mins.) → walk for about 15 mins. (967m)

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