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2020 Spring Welcoming Ritual of Tamna (Feb. 2 to Feb. 4) / Canceled...



Tamna-guk Ip-chun Gut (탐라국입춘굿)

Spring comes with “Tamna-guk Ip-chun Gut Nori”, which is a festival to welcome spring, on Jeju Island!

The festival will be held for 3 days from Feb. 2 to Feb. 4 around Jeju Mokgwana.

Jeju is the hometown of 18,000 heavenly gods. These heavenly gods are summoned by the great god of heaven and travel to heaven during “Shingugan”, which literally translates into “a period of time between the old and the new”.
In the old days, people from Jeju believed that they should only move or repair their houses during “Shingugan” to avoid upsetting the gods. When it is time for gods to come back to Jeju Island after “Shingugan,” the shamans held a ritual to welcome the gods back. This ritual is called “Ip-chun Gut.”


* The “shingugan” takes place five days after “daehan (Jan. 20. 2020)”- literally the big cold, which is traditionally one of the coldest days of the year - and three days before “ipchun (Feb. 4 2020)”.

(There are 24 seasonal divisions in the solar calendar in Korea)


 The Main Programs

 · Day1 / Feb. 2 (Sun): Geori-gut

 · Day2 / Feb. 3 (Mon): Yeollim-gut

 · Day3 / Feb. 4 (Tue): Ipchun-gut





- Wish card writing, workshops to make Ip-chun Gut buttons, wooden cows, and traditional “tal” masks, Ip-chun Gut cultural lectures, print workshop, rice cake making, wish pot making, etc.
 - Do not miss “Ip-chun Cheon-nyang Guk-su (pork noodle)” : The noodle, which is offered for only 1,000 KRW, is the signature food for Ip-chun Gut!!




   2020 Tamna-guk Ip-chun Gut

   · When: Feb. 2 (Sun) to Feb. 4 (Tue)

   · Where: Jeju Mokgwana (13, Gwandeok-ro 7-gil, Jeju-si) and nearby area (There will be a shuttle bus leaving from

     the various places across Jeju.)

   · Organizer: Jeju City, The Jeju People’s Artist Federation


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