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The Sound of Waves in Udo Island (우도 파도소리해녀촌)



Among the 5 islets in Jeju, including Udo, Gapado, Marado, Chujado and Biyangdo, the most appealing islet is Udo Island, which is always on top of must-visit lists. Since it’s a small islet, Muslim travelers might think it will be very hard to spot a Muslim friendly restaurant there. No worries! Once you are in “The Sound of Waves in Udo” and eating, you will quickly dispense with all these concerns.

On the menu, expect plates such as seafood noodle soup and top shell noodle soup, or for Southeast Asian visitors, seafood stew in a hot pot and porridges.
Seafood noodle soup, the signature dish, is full of seafood with a big blue crab right in the center, making it look so yummy. The noodle gets its eye-grabbing light brown color from hizikia, which are powdered and mixed into flour.
Though the eatery is not run by haenyeos, the owner uses local seafood supplied by the island’s haenyeos.




For an Udo island tour, a half day will not be enough. The longer stay, the more you enjoy the real charm of the islet. (Except in winter time. The wind on the islet will be far beyond your expectations!) See more Seafood Restaurants​



   · Menu: Seafood noodle soup 12000 won, Top shell noodle soup 10000 won, Seafood stew in a hot pot 13000 won

   · Business Hours: Daily 08:00 - 20:00
   · Location: 510, Udohaean-gil, Udo-myeon, Jeju-si
   · Tel: 064-782-0515
   · Note for Muslim travelers: pork-free

   · Photos by The Sound of Waves in Udo Island


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