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Ojo Haenyeoeuijip (오조해녀의집)



Abalone has always been one of the greatest food ingredients prepared for Surasang (Korean royal court cuisine) during the Joseon Dynasty, due to its rareness and high price. When many rulers in ancient China went after a kind of elixir amid beliefs of achieving immortality, abalone was one of them. According to the legend, a famous Chinese monarch, Qin Shi Huang, dispatched his servants to Jeju Island to obtain this elixir.

Grilled abalones with butter, having both a savory and sweet flavor, and raw slices making fresh chewing sounds, are frequently chosen by young travelers. However, there is nothing like abalone porridge, which has always been an all-time favorite.

“Ojo Haenyeoeuijip”, run by Jeju haenyeos, or women divers, offers one of the top-notch abalone porridges on Jeju. The abalones are caught by haenyeo themselves, and their recipe is also as it was in the past.




Basically, abalone porridge is made with just two ingredients, abalones and raw rice. However, here, they add some ‘Gaewoo’ into the porridge, which makes the color of the porridge greener. Gaewoo is the Jeju word meaning the entrails of abalone, and are regarded as being full of nutrition. It helps haenyeos revitalize after their hard-work deep in the water and keeps their leg muscles strong. Thanks to the gaewoo, this bowl of porridge develops a more profound ocean flavor.
Sliced raw seafood including octopus, sea cucumber or top shells are also on the menu. See more Seafood Restaurants​



   · Menu: Abalone porridge 12000 won, Grilled abalone with butter 20000 won

   · Business Hours: Daily 07:00 – 19:00
   · Location: 141-13, Hando-ro, Seongsan-eup, Seogwipo-si
   · Tel: 064-784-0893
   · Note for Muslim travelers: Breakfast is available from 6 am, but some customers may drink alcohol even in the morning.

   · Photos by Ojo Haenyeoeuijip


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