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Jageun Bueok (작은부엌) / Vegan



This tiny little eatery is located in a quiet corner of a country village, surrounded by a Jeju Gotjawal called “Seonhelgot Dongbaek-Dongsan”, one of the 5 Ramsar Wetlands on Jeju Island. As its name suggests, “Jageun Bueok” has only 2 tables in a cozy little place remodeled from an old Jeju stone house. “Jageun Bueok” can be a bit hard to locate for first visitors due to its tiny little sign, but you might know you’ve found the right place when you step inside; various succulent pots will welcome you at the entrance.

The only food item here is the 100% vegan course meal, including a full-course meal and a simple course-meal, without any eggs or dairy products. Since the host only prepares food for two groups for lunch and only one group for dinner (maximum no. of guests is 10), you need to reserve in advance to avoid disappointment. However, if you are lucky and avoid lunch time, you can try some single dishes including brown rice and vegetable ddeokbokki, a bowl of scorched-rice water, white radish pancake, or grilled rice cake.




 “Seonhelgot Dongbaek-Dongsan” ('Dongbaek' and 'dongsan' mean 'camellia' and 'hill' respectively in Korean) is within a 1-km distance, and emerald colored Hamdeok Beach is 5 kms away to the north. On Sundays (3 pm to 6 pm) from March to October, a flea market called “Hamdeok Mendorongjang” is held at Hamdeok Beach. Please do not miss one of the must-visits among local travelers.

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   · Menu: Full-course meal (bean soup, grilled rice cake, white radish pancake, grilled mushroom & wild vegetable salad,

               brown rice ball, oven croquette, and coffee or tea) 30,000 won per head / Simple-course meal (bean soup,

               white radish pancake, grilled mushroom & wild vegetable salad, brown rice and vegetable ddeokbokki) 20,000

               won per head / Potato Ramen 6000 won, a bowl of scorched-rice water 6000 won, white radish pancake 5000

               won, brown rice and vegetable ddeokbokki 15,000 won
   · Business Hours: 10:00- 15:00
   · Closed on: Sundays & Mondays
   · Location: 1, Seonheuldong 2-gil, Jocheon-eup, Jeju-si
   · Tel: 0507-1307-3179
   · Note: pork-free, alcohol-free

   · Photos by Jageun Bueok​


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