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Local Crab (로컬크랩)




A server brings a big bucket crammed with an array of cooked seafood and a big lobster in the center of it, which is then unceremoniously placed on your table with a thud. Your eyes will pop at the sight of the rich variety of seafood. ‘Local Crab’ near Seongsan Ilchulbong is a real hit these days. Fresh Jeju seafood, including Jeju shrimp, trumpet shell, abalones, mussels, and potatoes, sweet potatoes and some other fresh vegies, are all together with the seafood. What should I taste first and how can I get to the soft meat of the lobster? Just looking at it makes your mouth water. The server will separate the claws and head from the body, then you just use the cracker or scissors on the table to remove the shell and get to the meat. You can use your cracker to separate the Jeju shrimp top as well. You will have great fun cracking the hard shell and the turquoise colored Beach, in front of the restaurant, is a bonus only offered at this place. See more Seafood Restaurants​





  · Specialties: Bucket Seafood 21,000 won per head, Steamed Lobster 28,000 won per head

  · Business Hours:11:30~22:00

  · Closed on: Wednesdays

  · Tel: 064-782-2342

  · Location: 2361, Haemajihaean-ro, Gujwa-eup, Jeju-si


 Getting Here

   · From Jeju Bus Terminal:Take bus No. 201 → stop at "Youngdeungmul" station (44 stops, 1 hr) → walk for about 9 min. (596m)

   · From Seogwipo Bus Terminal: TTake bus No. 101 (express) → stop at "Gimnyeong Transit Center" station (10 stops, 1.5 hr) → transfer to bus No. 201 & stop at "Youngdeungmu" station (3 stops, 4 min.) → walk for about 7 min. (557m)

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