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Mari Oppa Kebab (마리오빠케밥) / Turkish Kebab


Does savoring every mouthful of Turkish kebab in an old style Jeju house, with an unbeatable view of the cobalt-colored Hyeopjae Beach take your fancy? “Mari Oppa Kebab” will be the place! The eatery is run by a man called Mari Oppa (‘oppa’ meaning brother in Korean), one of Haenams (male divers without an oxygen mask) who are quite hard to come by in Jeju. Mari Oppa learned how to catch seafood under the water like Haenyos at ‘Jeju Hansupul Haenye School’, and Mari is his dainty little dog’s name.
Chicken kebab and Lamb kebab are the only dishes here, but you can choose the size from small, medium and large. Mari Oppa remodeled an old Jeju house to a cute and dainty eatery by himself with his own collections from travelling abroad. The kebab here contains a more colorful combination of sliced vegetables, onions, succulent meat, and sweet and sour yogurt sauce. A spacious front yard is also a great place to enjoy your kebab, but Pippi’s recommendation is to order ‘to-go’ and have it sitting on Hyeopjae Beach. Some travelers gobble up a kebab in an instant, even after they are stuffed from dinner! If Hyeopjae Beach, the most beloved beach by locals and travelers, is on your itinerary, then you must give it a go.
· For Muslim Travelers: There is no space for prayers inside, but you can request to do your prayers outside with your own prayer mats.

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  · Menu: Doner kebab (chicken, lamb) 6,000~10,000 won (Small, Medium, Large)

  · Business Hours (daily): 10:00 - 24:00

  · Tel: 010-3399-2678

  · Location: 538, Hallimhaean-ro, Hallim-eup, Jeju-si

  · Parking: free

  · Photos by Mari Oppa Kebab


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