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Black Pork BBQ (흑돼지BBQ)



One of the positive aspects of this restaurant which will be appreciated by discerning consumers is its use of bio-friendly Jeju black pork that has never been fed with antibiotics or a growth hormones. It’s very important to choose the burning materials to cook Korean BBQ, regardless of the meat kind, and this house is not using regular charcoal but rather ‘activated charcoal’. This charcoal burns longer and helps maintain only the more delicate and mouthwatering fragrances of the meat, which will surely stimulate your appetite. The BBQ will be served after being skewered and rare-grilled first in the kitchen by the owner. Just be patient a little more while it cooks further at your table. Dip it into a pickled anchovy sauce, called meljeot (멜젓) in Jeju dialect, and savor the amazing taste of Jeju black pork as it exceeds all your expectations.

For 3 people, ask for ‘Set Menu of Jeju Black Pork’ which provides each part of pork. Need more? Place an extra order for a plate of sausages or any cut you prefer.




  · Menu: Set Menu of Jeju black pork (for 3 heads) 54000 won, Set Menu of BBQ (for 2 heads) 45000 won, Grilled Back Ribs 27000 won

  · Business Hours: Daily 17:00~23:30 

  · Tel: 064-762-1277

  · Location: 4, Taepyeong-ro 353beon-gil, Seogwipo-si


 Getting Here

  · From Jeju Bus Terminal:  1. Take bus No. 181 (express) → stop at "Joongang Roundabout" station (14 stops, 1 hr) → walk for about 14 min. (862m) 

    2. Take bus No. 281 → stop at "Joongang Roundabout" station (53 stops, 1 hr 22 min.) → walk for about 14 min. (862m)

  · From Seogwipo Bus Terminal: Take bus No. 510 or 531 → stop at "Former Joongang Police Office" station (10 stops, 12 min.) → walk for about 2 min. (100m)

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CEO : Jeehyang Kim / Business license number : 113-81-90883

697 - 310 1031, Haye-dong, Seogwipo-si, Jeju-do, Republic of KoreaBusiness Hours : 08:00 ~ 19:00Contact email :